Algae Bloom


During a recent inspection for cattail spraying, an algae bloom consisting of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) was observed in Lake Murex. Blooms such as these are typically stimulated by excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) present in the waterbody. The proliferation of these blooms can lead to low dissolved oxygen and subsequent fish kills.

**Please note that the spraying of cattails causes the re-release of nutrients (i.e. decomposing cattails) back into the lake which can fuel algal growth and exacerbate the bloom.**

Reducing nutrient inputs into the lake will in turn reduce the likelihood of algae blooms. This can be achieved through the implementation of best management practices (BMPs). BMPs best suited for this lake include: reduction of fertilizer usage, adhering to the 25ft “no fertilizer” buffer near waterbodies, physical/mechanical removal of cattails, and choosing native plantings in landscapes.